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When you’re preparing for the GMAT, working dozens (if not hundreds!) of practice problems of each question type on the GMAT is a must.

The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2018 TextbookThe best source of real former GMAT questions comes straight from the makers of the GMAT (the GMAC) in the form of the GMAT Official Guide 2018. The brand new version of this textbook was just released this week, and it’s an essential accessory to whatever else you’re doing to study for the GMAT (that’s why we include it with the Gold and Platinum packages of our comprehensive Full GMAT Prep Course, after all).

This year’s book contains 15% new material including 130 never-before-seen GMAT questions. As in years’ past, you can use the unique access code in the back of your book to access a companion website through Wiley Education where you can view all of the book’s practice problems online and even mix-and-match to create your own practice tests.

This year, however, there are a few new features that make the book unique:

Note that new Integrated Reasoning questions won’t be available until later this summer. During this period when integrated reasoning questions will not be available through the online platform, the GMAC will offer IR Prep – the official integrated reasoning study tool – for free to users who register online. To access IR Prep, users should email customercare@mba.com and provide them with the access code found on the inside front cover of their GMAT® Official Guide 2018.

Oh, and be sure to check out the upgraded versions of the Official Guide Quantitative and Verbal supplements as well, each of which contains 300 additional practice problems for you:

Rest assured that our online GMAT prep courses and a-la-carte video lessons here at Dominate the GMAT have been fully updated to incorporate recent enhancements to the GMAT, and this new GMAT Official Guide 2018 is now a part of our course syllabi as well.

If you have any questions, post them below. We’ll look forward to working with you and empowering you to dominate the GMAT!