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Taking numerous full-length GMAT practice tests is an important part of adequately preparing for the GMAT and improving your GMAT score. Our online GMAT practice tests are the most accurate GMAT simulators available today, comprised of questions representative of the very latest administrations of the GMAT.

These realistic GMAT practice tests are full-length computer-adaptive exams that will help you to develop your “mental clock” and time management skills, as well as to help you become familiar with the experience of taking a comprehensive GMAT on the computer. Additionally, they will compliment your other GMAT preparation material and serve as benchmarks to help you chart your progress and identify areas for continued improvement.*

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All of our full-length CAT online GMAT practice tests include:

  • NEWLY UPDATED! Includes “Select Section Order” feature
  • AWA, quantitative, verbal, and integrated reasoning sections
  • Correct answers and detailed answer explanations
  • True adaptive scoring algorithm for realistic combined score assessment
  • Original question pool with no duplicates
  • Runs on both Macintosh and Windows
  • No expiration of your saved results


I believe that you have the BEST adaptive tests on the market (and I’ve taken a lot of them!). Your detailed answer explanations and helpful timing metrics are crucial — and they’re sadly missing from other GMAT practice tests including the GMAC ones on MBA.com. Your adaptive CATs are a great complement to your awesome course, so thank you! — Tony Shurtleff, MBA Candidate


* Note: Our comprehensive online GMAT preparation courses include several of these practice tests as part of the curriculum so if you’re planning to register for one of them at some point, you may want to get more bang for your buck that way.