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This comprehensive online GMAT prep course combines the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided at-home study program with the structure and professional instruction of a traditional classroom course. Our detailed syllabus will guide you step-by-step through an ideal game plan for preparing for the math, verbal, integrated reasoning, and essay portions of the GMAT, as well as provide you with copious practice problems, full-length practice tests, and online whiteboard sessions with your instructor (platinum package). It’s also the only program we know of that provides video solutions for every question in the GMAT Official Guide! We cover all the bases to help you improve in every area of the GMAT, on demand. Take the guesswork out of preparing for the GMAT and start boosting your score today!



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$547 $497

Comprehensive video lessons (30+ hours) available on demand that teach all of the foundational theory, strategies, and test-taking tactics for every content area and question type tested on the GMAT — Quantitative + Verbal + Integrated Reasoning + Essay (AWA)
Thorough review of GMAT Math including the most important formulas and how-to’s for arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis (no pre-knowledge necessary!)
Topic-specific worksheets providing supplemental practice for the most commonly-tested GMAT math and verbal question types — with detailed video answer explanations for each question — giving you an opportunity to immediately implement what you’re learning in the videos
700+ level section with videos addressing advanced topics and challenging question types
Detailed course syllabus walking you step-by-step through the ideal study plan for dominating the GMAT
Backed by our industry-leading score improvement guarantee
E-mail support as needed with your 98th-percentile instructor
{NEW!} Detailed video solutions for every quantitative and verbal question in the GMAT Official Guide 2021 (998 questions answered!). Note: The Gold and Platinum packages are discounted by $50 so that you can purchase the OG separately, HERE.
Phone support as needed with your 98th-percentile instructor
BONUS textbook – Ace the GMAT by Brandon Royal*
Full-length GMAT practice tests 0 3 5
Weekly live online “office hours” session (1 hour) with your 98th-percentile instructor to get your questions personally answered
Length of course access 8 months 10 months 1 year
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For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us or call Brett directly at +1 720-515-5808.

* Ace the GMAT will be delivered to you in digital format and can be accessed on any computer, smartphone, or tablet using the free Kindle Reader app. Download instructions will be e-mailed within 24 hours of registration.

Dominate the GMAT is an awesome course that offers incredible value for the price. After five weeks of studying Brett’s course, my GMAT score improved by 120 points! In addition to teaching all the principles you will need for success, his course also teaches you how to answer questions by using logic and non-standard techniques that are much easier to memorize and were a huge help when I was stuck during the test. I strongly recommend his course to anyone!

- Matt Kunzler, USA

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers (FAQs)

How long does the course take?

Our Full GMAT Prep Course is designed around an 8-week study plan. Because all of the course content is available on-demand, however, you can move through the material more quickly or more slowly depending on your target GMAT test date.

Is the core instruction the same in the different packages?

Yes. All of the main video lessons and practice worksheets are the same in all three packages. We’ve had plenty of students score over 700 using the Silver Package. But if you want the additional practice and personalized feedback, go with the Gold or Platinum packages.

I’ve noticed that some of your YouTube videos are a few years old. Is this course up-to-date?

Absolutely! If I’ve left a video up on my YouTube Channel, it’s because it’s still relevant for today’s GMAT. But yes, we add and subtract videos from our GMAT prep course as necessary to ensure that it will prepare you for the current iteration of the GMAT. We also have video solutions for every question in the latest edition of the GMAT Official Guide, making the course as up-to-date as possible.

Where can I get the GMAT Official Guide?

We discount the Gold and Platinum packages by $50 so that you can use the savings to purchase the GMAT Official Guide 2021 separately. It’s currently sold for less than $50 via Amazon.com, HERE. If you prefer the electronic version, you can get it directly from Wiley, the book’s publisher, HERE.

Do you actually teach from the Official Guide?

No. All of our core instructional videos stand alone and often teach the content and methodologies in more intuitive ways not found in GMAT textbooks. However, the OG is a great source of additional practice problems — and it’s the only source of real former GMAT questions straight from the makers of the exam — which is why we recommend students also do homework problems from that book.

How do your Official Guide solutions videos differ from the answer explanations provided in the book?

In short, my solutions are way more efficient and much easier to understand. The book’s explanations tend to be overly formulaic, dense, and often create more confusion than clarify. Moreover, my videos tie back to the strategies and methodologies I teach in the main course videos to help you solidify your understanding. I don’t just tell you what the right answers are, but rather explain the thought process behind each questions and show you how to get similar questions right in the future.

What if I have an earlier version of the GMAT Official Guide?

No problem, we’ve got you covered. We have solution videos for every edition going back to the 2020 Official Guide. Once you register for the Gold or Platinum Package, simply send us an e-mail and we’ll swap out the current solutions for whichever edition you request.

When are the office hours? What if I can’t make a session?

The live online sessions for Platinum Members currently take place on Wednesday evenings from 8:00-9:00pm Eastern Time U.S.  They are small group sessions capped at 8 students, though often there are as few as 1-2 students on any given week so you will get a lot of personalized attention. If you are not able to attend these sessions live, you can submit your questions in advance via e-mail and your instructor will answer the questions and e-mail you a link to the recording afterwards.

What if I want extra practice tests?

Up to five (5) full-length GMAT practice tests are available at a discount on our website HERE. Note that each test should only be taken once to ensure the accuracy of the score estimate (you may see repeat questions if you take an exam twice), so if you come in with the Gold or Platinum packages, bear that in mind. Students are also encouraged to take GMAT Official Practice Exams 1 & 2 available through mba.com. Those practice tests are assigned in the course syllabus.

What kind of support will I receive?

We’ll be here every step of the way to ensure you have a great experience and maximize your results on test day. You will receive support e-mails from us periodically throughout the course to ensure that you’re on track and provide additional tips to help you get the most out of your course. Additionally, there’s a Comments/Questions area under every single course video in your member’s area where you can get your questions personally answered.