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I used Brett’s GMAT prep course and was admitted to a Top 30 U.S. business school (the flagship university of my home state) and received a scholarship for full tuition. His course took me out of the wilderness of GMAT confusion and put me on a firm path with attainable goals. Brett’s course teaches not only fundamental knowledge, but also little-known test hacks that help students achieve higher scores. While larger test prep companies seem impersonal, Dominate Test Prep is operated by Brett: he’s a likeable guy and a fun character to learn from! His office hours are extremely helpful as well! Thank you for helping me over the finish line!

- Anne B., Florida,

While researching for a GMAT prep course, I was overwhelmed with how many options there were to choose from. Having watched Brett’s complimentary videos, I knew his teaching style aligned with how I wanted to approach my studying. In just 8 weeks with Brett’s full course I was able to substantially improve my GMAT score and surpass my dream school’s average. Considering my score progression, Brett’s GMAT course was definitely worth the price of admission — with the added benefit of a portion of the course tuition going towards charity.

- Dan Chapman, Toronto, Canada,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your courses. I have gone through all of your GMAT Verbal course material as well as several of your Quant lessons and podcast episodes and I just took the GMAT Online exam and scored a 690, having started from 460 in my pre-preparation mock. Your courses have been helpful (especially your verbal answer explanations [for the Official Guide questions], wherein I went through each and every video) in strategizing and building the thought process for the exams. Reaching 690 would not have been possible for me starting from 460 without these courses. Thank you!

- Vatsalya Mishra, Mumbai, India,

I stumbled across Dominate the GMAT while browsing YouTube videos and really resonated with Brett’s teaching style, and I’m so grateful that I decided to purchase his full course. Growing up, I didn’t test prep using virtual resources, so I was skeptical on how well this course would work for me. I was always a “by-the-book” type of student, and I actually did start my GMAT test prep with books. However, watching Brett’s content and completing the worksheets was instrumental in my success and made test prep less daunting. I am very pleased to share that taking this course was a terrific decision! My first attempt at the GMAT was a huge success, and I would not have been able to pull it off on my own. Thanks, Brett!

- Skye Blevins, Atlanta, GA,

This course is awesome! The main reason that I choose this course was Brett’s teaching style. In looking into other courses, I immediately recognized that Brett was teaching strategies and approaches for thinking quicker and being a more effective test taker, not just formulas and content. 10/10 would recommend!

- Matt Smith, USA,

I actually signed up for your GMAT course to prepare for the Executive Assessment, and I found it to be much more beneficial than even the official EA prep course. Your style of teaching really resonates with me, and although math in particular has never been my natural strong suit, your videos really helped me to see the test in a way that did not seem as intimidating. I also found your Verbal and IR reviews to be quite helpful in understanding how the questions are framed. After watching all of your videos and doing all of the practice questions, I took the test yesterday and scored a 157! I couldn’t have hoped for a better score for myself (Haas wants at least a 155, so I did better than that) and know that I could not have done it without your course. Again, thank you for providing such a great service — including a reasonable price point, comprehensive content and support, and teaching in a style that helps to understand what the test is really about.

- Meredith Lee, Morocco,

I just wanted to reach out and say a huge THANK YOU to you and your program. I have been out of school quite awhile and your program is absolutely awesome! I originally took a prep course offered by the school I want to attend and I did poorly on the GMAT. After taking your course I was able to raise my score over 100 points and I got in! What you have created here is life changing and phenomenal!

- Celeste Levesque, USA,

Dominate the GMAT is an awesome course that offers incredible value for the price. I had not studied much of the material on the GMAT in over ten years and was very concerned at how low my first score was. After five weeks of studying Brett’s course, my GMAT score improved by 120 points! In addition to teaching all the quantitative principles you will need for success, his courses also teaches you how to answer questions by using logic and non-standard techniques that are much easier to memorize and were a huge help when I was stuck during the test. I strongly recommend his course to anyone!

- Matthew Kunzler, Bentonville, AR,

After scouring YouTube for GMAT verbal strategy videos, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the ‘Dominate the GMAT’ page. I used the free content to help me before my first attempt at the GMAT but after not doing as well as I wanted to on the Verbal section, I knew enrolling in Brett’s Verbal course was exactly what I needed. Luckily, I was right! In just 3 weeks, I raised my Verbal score from a 39 to a 46. Brett’s videos provide clear and effective strategies for getting right answers more efficiently. Additionally, the worksheets with answer explanations helped to reinforce methodology and break bad habits. If you’re just beginning to study for the GMAT, I HIGHLY encourage you to purchase Brett’s Full GMAT Course. It’s the best money you’ll ever spend.

- Kipp M., Washington, DC,

Brett and his program helped me reach my goal and score a 700 on the GMAT. I was first draw to Brett through his free YouTube videos, and after e-mailing back and forth and getting my questions answered, I quickly realized his comprehensive paid course could get me where I wanted to go. I’m so glad I made the decision to go all-in. The course itself is easy to follow and presented in manageable chunks. I went with the Platinum package, and the best value was the live office hours sessions. I couldn’t believe how much access I had to Brett, and the content I was able to cover with him was incredible. I highly recommend Dominate the GMAT to anyone looking to learn, grow, improve your score, and just feel more confident heading into your exam.

- Drew Dominguez, USA,

I discovered your videos on YouTube after studying for a few weeks and feeling like I was getting nowhere. The way you taught and the strategies you were teaching just made sense to me so I ordered the full program with only 3 weeks until my test day. Even in a short amount of time I learned a ton — especially on the math, which is what I mostly focused on — and I was able to utilize a lot of your strategies through my exam. I’m happy to report that I scored 20 points higher than the score I needed! Thank you for saving me the time and money of having to take the test multiple times :-)

- Shawnee Lutcher, PA,

Dominate the GMAT provided me with the right path while preparing for the exam. I was reading books but the experience working with a teacher and syllabus provided me with a vision that I so needed. Brett is an excellent teacher with a fun teaching style. He is always ready to answer your queries and is excellent with analogies. My only regret is that I didn’t have a teacher like Brett in school and college. The program is highly recommended!

- Tapish Malik, India,

For anyone who has a very weak foundation in math (like me), and also wants a good score on the GMAT, Brett provides an easy to understand delivery of the content and concepts on the GMAT syllabus. Data sufficiency was particularly demystified for me in this course. Questions are answered, there are a lot of practice questions, worksheet and corrections, complimentary materials like the blog have more examples and information that I found helpful. My GMAT score improved significantly thanks to Brett’s great course. I highly recommend it.

- Ifeoma, Benin City, Nigeria,

The first time I took the GMAT was embarrassing, I completely bombed it. Walking out of the testing center, I thought to myself that there was no chance I was going to get into any of my desired Graduate Programs. Fortunately, a friend told me about Brett’s program and said it brought his GMAT score up 100 points. He told me it was the best program out there, and it was the most affordable one as well, so I decided to give it a try. I’m so glad I did! After a couple months of studying and reviewing the material in Brett’s course, I decided I was ready to take the test again. When I finished, I was informed that my score was 150 points higher than the previous test. Brett increased my score by 150 points! I cannot thank him enough for his help. Brett’s program is perfect and you can go at your own pace. He covers every sort of question that you can possibly see on the GMAT so there are no surprises. Come exam time you will feel like Albert Einstein taking a fourth grade level math test. His course works!

- Tom Fanikos, Boston, MA,

If you have my GMAT book and Brett’s phenomenally-priced video course, along with The Official Guide for GMAT Review and a couple of free downloadable practice tests from GMAC — you simply have everything you need to succeed on the GMAT exam.

- Brandon Royal, award-winning educational writer and author of “Ace the GMAT [Master the GMAT in 40 Days]”,

When starting to study for the GMAT, I knew I needed something that would lay out all the fundamentals to make sure I had a good refresher. Dominate the GMAT delivered that and more. I was able to raise my GMAT score 130 points from the first time I took it, and I felt very confident going into the test. Also, I thought Brett did a great job laying out the material in an understandable way that makes even the most complicated questions dissectible. I will recommend this course to any of my friends looking to take the GMAT going forward. Thanks Brett!

- Joe Hadley, Boston, MA,

Brett’s coursework was exactly what I needed to be most prepared for the GMAT. I began the admissions process on a very short whim and panicked upon trying to prepare adequately. I tried going through books upon books and filled up a calendar FULL of seminars since I could not find any preparatory class in my budget for the amount of time I had for submitting my application. Luckily, I finally found Dominate the GMAT! Brett breaks down each element of the test into sections that best exemplify what the GMAT is going to test you on. His teaching style is very thorough and he supplements everything by going through examples. It’s always helped me for a teacher to go through and explain his/her thought process and assess options for tackling problems. All of the memory tricks Brett taught helped me breeze through problems. Upon completing his coursework, I went straight into the real GMAT and dominated it the first time through with a score higher than I expected to get, hence, getting me into my number one choice for grad school! My only regret was not finding his coursework sooner!

- Steven Fernandes, Clemson, SC,

I took the GMAT for the first time without ever having seen a GMAT question. My very unimpressive score of 430 did not come as much of a surprise. It had been over 20 years since I had taken Geometry or Algebra. I was concerned to say the least! How would I be able to score high enough on the GMAT, and with application deadlines just a couple months away, to get into a good business school? (Hint…hint…Dominate the GMAT). Between the tight deadlines, working 60 hours per week, and having little exposure to GMAT questions, I needed an efficient way to study and a program to help me learn how to take the exam. Not only does Brett provide a comprehensive video series to educate his students how to take the exam, but he also provides useful, non-traditional techniques to work through some of the more difficult problems. He is also a superb instructor who breaks down subject matter with no assumptions to the student’s current mathematic ability. Brett starts at the genesis of the mathematics skills necessary to be successful, and systematically leads through the more difficult aspects of math – which helps students like me brush off the 20 years of math cobwebs. And Brett makes himself available via telephone for one-on-one sessions, to help students break through their individual sticking points! I did not have the Ivy Leagues in my sights prior to studying because I thought these MBA programs were out of reach. However, after a few weeks of studying with Brett’s course, I scored high enough on the GMAT to help land interviews with Yale and Columbia. This past week, I officially accepted the offer from Columbia and I am excited to begin school this upcoming term! If you are questioning whether Dominate the GMAT will help you get the score you need, my story should provide clarity. Don’t second guess it, and dominate the GMAT!

- James Mangini, Bristol, CT,

Thanks for making the time and effort to layout the GMAT the way you have. I have been so intimidated to take the test for a few years now — I had even taken a Veritas course and still felt lost. Finally, some videos, a lesson plan, and some suggested books that resonated with me! It was like being handed a flashlight and a map. I was scoring in the low 400’s but after finding your course, I accelerated my study plan over a couple weeks, took [the GMAT], and increased my score 150 points! The shift in focus on how to approach the test questions made all the difference. Its all I needed. I could take it again and am confident I could score another 100 points by following Dominate the GMAT – I KNOW it – but simply do not see the point. I got the score I needed and am off to my target business school. Please know that your efforts are appreciated and incredibly helpful. I’m so glad I found Dominate the GMAT and I wish you success and sensational growth.

- Michael Palomo, Belmont, MA,

On my first GMAT practice examination, I scored a 560, a score far lower than my goal of 700. I was frustrated at my results and confused as to how to improve. Fortunately a friend of mine recommended Brett Ethridge’s Dominate the GMAT program. I found the video lessons to be easy-to-understand yet encompassing, the included material relevant and helpful, and the website community motivating and up-lifting. Furthermore, Brett’s willingness to answer my individual questions and provide advice and strategies made it a personalized experience. After completing the Dominate the GMAT course and applying those techniques, I scored a 710 on my first official GMAT examination. Although I felt gratified that I had reached my goal, I believed that I could do still better, and with Brett’s help and support I studied for another month and achieved a 730. I attribute my success to Brett and his tireless support, and I can’t recommend Dominate the GMAT highly enough to anyone applying to business school!

- Alex Pruden, Nashville, TN,

I wanted to let you know I retook the GMAT after taking your course and scored a 700!!! This was much better than my first practice attempt and way better than my first official score. I have no doubt that my attending your office hours was key to improving my score. With this score, I was accepted to the Wisconsin Business School and even received a generous scholarship!!! I will be attending the program in the fall. Thank you so much for your help. Several of my friends are considering getting their MBA’s and I have and will continue to recommend your course to anyone studying for the GMAT or GRE.

- Adam Gardebrecht, Battle Creek, MI,

Dominate the GMAT is the most comprehensive study material I’ve found! Before taking the GMAT for the first time, I had not seen most the content tested in about 10 years. I used my own 3-week self-study regimen and thought I’d be able to get a high score, but when I took the GMAT, I was far from satisfied with my score. Then I found Brett on YouTube, watched a few of his videos, and quickly realized his direct approach to getting right answers was what I needed to raise my score. So I bought the Dominate the GMAT “Full Course” material and followed Brett’s curriculum and agenda. I took the GMAT again and got the score I needed to get into my top-choice MBA program. I can’t thank Brett enough for the great study program!

- Ryan Mack, Las Vegas, NV,

I feel lucky to have come across Brett’s Dominate the GMAT course. It broke down many of the barriers that I faced while trying to study for the GMAT on my own. Brett’s videos and instructional materials made the concepts significantly more understandable than the name-brand textbooks I was using. It’s truly amazing to see how the verbal and quantitative problems on the GMAT can be methodically dissected and attacked with a strategic game-plan. Brett was always responsive, attentive, and personal when answering my questions. I even had a few last-minute clarifying questions the night before my scheduled GMAT exam, and he took the time to speak with me on very short notice. He’s a talented and passionate instructor who always seemed to go the extra mile. Brett’s Dominate the GMAT was nothing short of an excellent experience. The result? I dominated the GMAT. In fact, I received an academic scholarship and gained admission to my top-choice MBA program!

- John Mason, Tallahassee, FL,

Success! I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help. As an abnormal GMAT student, it was a struggle for me to knock 10-15 years of dust off. Your quantitative course helped me raise my quant score from 31 to 42 in just over a month. The confidence (I feel) also helped me bring my verbal score up by an extra point on the actual exam, and your tried and true “just get right answers” strategies helped me succeed overall. I raised my overall score from 600 to 690 using your techniques (42 V, 42 Q). I won’t lie – I double fist pumped when I saw the score on the screen. When I got home, my wife told me she wasn’t surprised as she saw a significant difference in my confidence between this test and the last one I took before your course. I am fully confident that I will get into both my first and second choice PhD programs now, and for that, both my wife and I thank you.

- Daniel Peat, Manassas, VA,

750! I got my target score, and I’m incredibly happy. Brett Ethridge is a great instructor who knows what is necessary to succeed on the GMAT. I love the course’s online format for its convenience and flexibility, and Brett supplements the static elements of the course with lots of interaction. I’m incredibly pleased I chose Dominate the GMAT as my GMAT prep course. Thanks for all your help!

- Scott Jacobs, Minneapolis, MN,

I was incredibly nervous about taking the GMAT, especially with only a month and a half to prepare. To say I was starting behind the eight ball would be an understatement. Fortunately, I found Brett’s Dominate the GMAT course after watching some of his free videos on YouTube (they were super impressive!). Within days of starting with his material, I was amazed at how much content I covered and how rapidly I was retaining all of the necessary information to make my upcoming exam more approachable. Believe it or not, I was actually eager when test day rolled around instead of feeling like it would be a nightmare. I am extremely satisfied and happy that I was lucky enough to find Dominate the GMAT and instructor Brett Ethridge. This course was great and after taking it, I have conquered all my fears that I had when I first learned about the GMAT exam. Thank you Dominate the GMAT and a thank you Brett!

- John Abrenica, Seaford, NY,

I just scored a 710 on the GMAT!!! A 710… 30 more than my minimum goal of 680! I don’t know how I did it, but I know I can mostly attribute it to the content and strategies I learned through your videos, office hours, and 1-on-1 emails (if you remember, my last attempt was a mere 610, and I wasn’t sure I would ever hit my goal). I can’t tell you how appreciative I am for your program. The videos are very well done and very useful. The strategies are great and I’ve felt tangible learning all along. The included textbooks were an unexpected benefit that basically sealed the deal for paying for the course. Those few things themselves warrant a 5 of 5 stars for the price, and then there’s the office hours! It’s such an easy forum for the more difficult-to-grasp concepts to be explained and very helpful to go back-and-forth with questions (and get an immediate answer). I can’t believe people pay so much money for programs that aren’t flexible and don’t offer ongoing use of their material. I’m also impressed by the extra mile you go, responding to me personally by e-mail even well after completing the standard 8 week course. Thanks for everything!

- Peter Nichols, Salt Lake City, UT,

Just wanted to share my happiness with you as I took the GMAT exam today and got the score I needed! Finally, after one year of studying and struggling, I got the score I need and I thank you and your course for it! I think the main thing that I benefitted from in your course is the self confidence it gave me. I finally overcame my anxiety and went into the test more focused, and more confident then I did the 3 times before. Now I’m going to the business school I wanted, and wasn’t that the whole point after all?! So thanks for the great course, I will recommend it to everybody who has to take the GMAT! And thank you for the load of confidence you gave me in order to do well enough on the actual exam. I wish you all the best!

- Kiril Janssen, Zwaag, Netherlands,

I tried studying for the GMAT on my own for a few months using every online resource I could find, with little success. Then I came across Brett’s videos on YouTube and I thought he made things so much simpler and previously difficult concepts now made sense. I decided to postpone my GMAT and reach out to Brett for help. I really wish I had been able to start with him from the beginning! Brett makes everything much easier and breaks everything down for you. All the craziness from the GMAT is all of a sudden a little less crazy. His program is really well structured and if you stick to it and put in the work, you can achieve your goal. At the end, as he always says, the goal is to get into the school of your choosing, the GMAT is just a means to an end. I was able to do that and Brett was crucial. He is always there when you need him and he will work with you all the way. I will always be thankful to him for what he has done for me, and even when I no longer remember some of the stuff tested on the crazy GMAT exam, I will still think of him and his support. Preparing for the GMAT is stressful no matter what, but with the right perspective and guidance, it makes it a lot more bearable. I don’t think you will find anything better out there!

- Ruben Beltran, Northfield, MN,

I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to you and your videos! I just got admitted into UT Dallas’ MBA Internal Audit program and your videos definitely helped improve my GMAT score. I only had 3 weeks to study and only discovered your videos about a week before the test (I wish I had found them sooner, the were fantastic!), yet I ended up making a 640. Thank you for all that you do.

- Alex, Austin, TX,

Standardized tests are not my forte. After studying for the GMAT for two years (including with a private tutor and Knewton’s online program) and taking the test three times, my highest score was still only 490. None of my target schools would even look at me. I wanted this so incredibly badly but was feeling the anxiety and psyching myself out. Then I found your course. I’m so thankful that I did! I am pleased to inform you that I was accepted to the PMBA program at Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver. During my interview at Daniels, I told them I took your GMAT program and how much it helped me finally conquer that hurdle. One of the advisors said,”Then it’s meant to be! You’re a shoe-in at Daniels.” After a four year struggle, Daniels is the absolute perfect fit for me! I couldn’t have done it without you and your incredible tools and coursework. Thanks again for everything Brett!

- Christie Scarbrough, Westminster, CO,

My GMAT journey would not have been made possible without Brett’s guidance and coaching. I cannot thank you enough for the help, instruction and tutorship provided during my studies. I truly believe your Dominate the GMAT course study material provides each student the proper knowledge & understanding of the GMAT topics to achieve high score results.

- Bryan Facendini, Boulder, CO,

I took my GMAT exam today and I scored 720 :)  I thought I would share the result with you and thank you a lot for your help (and prayers). Our tutoring session was really helpful and the Critical Reasoning tools you provided me were incredibly helpful with most of the cases. I really appreciate you taking the extra time during the session and for writing the notes. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who inquires about the GMAT.

- Georges Kazan, Quebec, Canada,

I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say that this is only my 3rd day to be going over your material and it is already lifting this GMAT imposed veil of confusion from my eyes. I would say your way dominates the GMAT — and other GMAT prep companies all at once! Thank you!!

- Jonathan King, Waco, TX,
I’m grateful that I found Brett’s course for so many reasons, but here are my top four reasons why Dominate The GMAT rules:
1. Handy. I have a very busy schedule and sometimes I have to travel many times during a single week. Also the city where I live it´s hard to reach your destination points due to heavy hours of traffic.  Thanks to this online GMAT program I was able to take classes and boost my score without leaving home.
2.  Practical and not overwhelming. The material covers all the subjects the GMAT tests including only the necessary keys to overcome the exam. It was very important for me not to feel overwhelmed by a load of rules and information that is hard to remember the day of the test.
3.  Keeps you focused. The virtual class is a perfect strategy if you´re not the most organized person, like me. The structured nature of the course keeps you on track and encourages you to work hard and be disciplined so you stay focused throughout the duration of your studies.
4.  Affordable. It’s a very affordable program if you compare it to the rest of the courses I looked at. And regardless of the price, which is nice to have but not the most important thing to take into account, the content of the course provides you with the necessary tools to beat the GMAT!
- Carolina Pachón, Bogota, Colombia,

Prior to finding Dominate the GMAT, my GMAT practice exam scores were frustratingly stuck around 570. Fortunately, just 12 days before my exam, I stumbled upon Brett’s GMAT prep course. His quant videos helped the GMAT math concepts make sense for me in ways that my previous  course had not (a course I paid a lot more money for, by the way), and the personal attention and coaching I received was outstanding. I’m happy to report that less than two weeks after diving into my Dominate the GMAT on-demand course I scored a 650 on my real exam, and am now in a great place to be able to apply to my target school. Thank you for everything!

- Mary M., Santa Ana, CA,

With only three weeks to prepare for the GMAT, I turned to Dominate the GMAT for help after benefitting from Brett’s free videos on YouTube. The lessons were easy to follow and unlocked the geometry and algebra that I seemed to have forgotten in the years since I was last in school, so I bought the Full GMAT Course and also purchased several tutoring sessions with Brett. It was a great investment. The Dominate the GMAT lessons were fantastic and what seemed impossible — relearning math — became possible. I might even say it was fun. Thanks to Brett I felt prepared and comfortable going into the test and fared much better than I initially though I would. Brett breaks down difficult concepts through use of analogies, strategies, and techniques that make learning fun and easy. The course is results driven, affordable, and easy to follow. I would recommend Dominate the GMAT to anyone.

- Neil Anderson, Boston, MA,

Thank you for all of the wonderful resources available with your Dominate the GMAT program, and for your personal help as well. I enjoyed the lessons and was able to go into my GMAT test with more confidence and perform better than I had the first time. In fact, I improved my score by 140 points this time around after taking your course! Most importantly, I was accepted to the CU Leeds School of Business Evening MBA program, so I’m officially going back to school. Thanks again for everything. This was a great program and I definitely recommend it to others.

- Roy Hegger, Boulder, CO,

I absolutely LOVE Brett’s DTG program. I wish I would have know about it when I first began my GMAT studies. I sure wasted a lot of time! Finally a solution that was affordable, flexible, extremely informative, and well organized (the syllabus is great). I crammed 8 weeks of sessions into 2 weeks —  I actually made it through most all of the videos! — and who knows how I would have done without it. I highly recommend Dominate the GMAT to anyone who’s interested in taking the GMAT. Thanks so much, Brett, for your contribution to a better GMAT prep experience :-)

- Christie Apodaca, Davis, CA,

This course has been unbelievably helpful. I took the 9-week Manhattan GMAT course before I found Dominate the GMAT, and I did not see the progress after that course than I am already seeing with your course. Having been out of school for over 10 years, I really like the way that everything is broken down and the systematic approach to individual problems and the test itself that Brett takes. The targeted GMAT strategies and content you teach are really helping me to achieve my goals, and I can’t thank you enough for meeting my needs perfectly. I’ll definitely be recommending Dominate the GMAT to everyone I know looking to go to business school.

- Zack Larson, Los Angeles, CA,

Thanks for the last-minute help! I registered for your program the week of my test. I was really frustrated that I hadn’t seen much lift after days of studying, but with your videos, I was able to bump up my score and get into the business school I wanted. Oh, and it was so much faster and easier than reading the GMAT books. Thanks, Dominate the GMAT!

- Carrie G., Vancouver, Canada,

I was so pleased with Brett’s “a la carte” video options to nail down a couple outstanding questions in my last few weeks of studying. Having never taken Stats, I was not feeling confident about the probability and combinations/permutations questions on the GMAT. Brett broke it down to the very basics: he went through the logic behind the problems, rather than just giving equations that I’d seen in all my other study books. I’ve gone back and re-done all these types of questions that I had missed before and got almost all of them right the second time around. I’m feeling MUCH more confident now, and there was no memorization involved — I truly understand the scope of the questions now. Time and money well spent!

- Leslie Voorhees, Jakarta, Indonesia,

Was it strange to have the Dominate the GMAT logo as my desktop wallpaper for the months I was studying for the GMAT? To have the theme music that plays at the start of the instructional videos on my iPod to listen to before taking the test? Not really — that’s how important Brett’s course was to me. I was a horrible math student in high school, with barely passing grades even in the easiest “consumer math” stream. Needless to say, I had a lot of ground to cover. I needed a course that would take me from the basics through to the most difficult GMAT math concepts fast, and give me the confidence to overcome my anxiety around math. Dominate the GMAT did just that, with excellent pacing, a thorough review of the concepts, and “tricks” that aren’t claiming to outsmart the test, but that are based on Brett’s deep knowledge of how GMAT questions are written and what they are trying to accomplish. Without Brett’s Dominate the GMAT video course, I would not have gotten close to the score I did (over 700, which was my goal) and been admitted into the school of my choice (with the nice additional bonus of being recruited by some other very fine schools, based on my score). I recommend Brett’s program to anyone preparing for the GMAT, no matter what level.

- Keith Richards, Toronto, Canada,

Before signing up for this class, I took a GMAT prep class with Manhattan GMAT and I felt some of the necessary skills weren’t emphasized enough. I also wasn’t given enough harder questions with that course. Your video lectures have made the topics easy to understand, and in just a short time I’ve now been able to answer the incorrect problems from previous practice exams. Even though I was already familiar with most of the topics, your Dominate the GMAT course has given me the extra skills, strategies, confidence, and practice I need. Thank you!

- Allan Nicome, Centreville, VA,

This course has been priceless in my preparation for the GMAT. I was studying on my own one day and became very frustrated with GMAT Sentence Corrections. I decided to do a YouTube search and came across a video that Brett had posted. It was so beneficial that I went straight to his website and signed up for the full course! The great thing about the video lessons is that I can press pause and can go back or I can even watch the entire video over again. I had no idea anything like that even existed in the industry! Not having been in school for over 10 years now, this is a huge benefit for me. Brett also explains things so well in the videos that you come away confident that you can do this. The weekly tutorial session is also great. With Dominate the GMAT, I can definitely say I’m getting more than I paid for!

- Christi H., Utah,

I have never been a great test taker, and it had been almost 15 years since I last studied the concepts tested on the GMAT. Brett’s course helped me dust off the cobwebs, and, after completing the course, my GMAT score rose nearly 100 points and I was accepted into both graduate programs that I had applied for! I was initially skeptical about the value of an online course vs. a traditional GMAT classroom course. In short order, I became very impressed with Brett’s patience as a coach and dedication as a teacher. I was able to meet with Brett one-on-one and he was very accessible via email whenever I had any questions. The structure of the course allowed me to focus on the areas that I needed to brush up on and lightly review the areas that I was more familiar with. This course allows you to plan and manage your study/review time very effectively — especially helpful if you have a day job while studying, like I did. This guy knows his stuff and his course is a true value! Thanks so much Brett for the guidance, support and resources provided by your Dominate the GMAT course. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their score, get into the program they want, and truly dominate the GMAT.

- Nick Rodriguez, Denver, CO,

I decided to sign up for Brett’s Dominate the GMAT course in order to freshen my math skills up a bit since I haven’t done GMAT-type math in quite some time. His videos and short cuts are very helpful and have helped a lot. For example, before I watched the GMAT Data Sufficiency videos, I looked at that section thinking it was another language, whereas now it is probably my strongest section. Thank you for everything, Brett!

- Robert Powell, Valley, NE,

At the highest level, Dominate the GMAT provides students with the ability to identify complex concepts and simplify them down to straightforward ideas. The program is great for working professionals because it allows them the freedom to learn at their own pace.  Furthermore, the staff is extremely helpful and willing to go way above and beyond to answer all questions in a timely and accurately manner. Dominate the GMAT helped me to achieve my personal goals and I would highly recommend the course to anyone planning on taking the GMAT.

- Aaron Newman, Denver, CO,

Brett Ethridge was a fantastic instructor, and his course helped me get the score improvement I needed. Not only does he demonstrate great knowledge of the material and know the test intimately, but he is able to convey it effectively to those at different levels from varying backgrounds, which is an impressive skill indeed. I absolutely recommend Brett to anyone looking for that competitive edge while studying for the GMAT.

- Ryan Abman, Santa Barbara, CA,

Dominate the GMAT was essential to my success on the GMAT. I had been delaying and dreading studying for the GMAT for almost 6 months, but I am very happy I chose to use the Dominate the GMAT videos to study and learn the material I most needed help on. The video lessons are extremely dynamic and an appropriate length to soak in the material. For someone like me who is a busy professional and who needed control and flexibility over my study schedule, this course was absolutely perfect. The tips and tools Brett provides are fantastic, and I also loved being able to revisit a certain video while I was doing practice problems if there was a strategy or concept I had forgotten. That ability to review any material at any time makes the course great for someone who wants to learn at their own pace and ability.  The Data Sufficiency videos were extremely helpful and the tools explained in these videos make these types of questions less daunting and provides you confidence on test day. I was most impressed by the improvement I made in the verbal sections with the help Brett provided. I went from feeling very uncomfortable with many verbal sections, particularly sentence correction and critical reasoning, to having these areas being my highest scores. The real world examples Brett provides during the videos feel very relevant and were very indicative of questions you see on test day. Brett provides great examples and continues to add additional material and support to make the study experience complete. When I arrived for the test, I felt fully prepared and knew exactly what to expect.

- Austin Lewis, Denver, CO,

I started preparing for the GMAT nearly 8 years after completing my undergraduate degree. To say my skills were a bit rusty would be an understatement. Brett’s lessons were able to quickly get me up to speed on all the concepts and skills needed to get an excellent GMAT score in a way that was easy to follow. More importantly, he gives an insider’s perspective on how the GMAT is constructed.  Since you only have about two minutes to solve each problem, his tips and tricks on how to quickly ascertain problem types and solve them efficiently were invaluable to me while taking the GMAT. Brett also went out of his way to provide me with personal assistance right before my test which shows me the type of person he is and the level of commitment he has to his students. I would highly recommend Brett to anyone looking to take the GMAT for the first time or to improve their score.

- Steve Myrland, Denver, CO,

It was a great experience taking Brett’s GMAT course. Coming in with no GMAT experience, in a period of only a few weeks this GMAT course gave me the tools to be able to be confident with the test and get the score I needed. Brett was always willing to go the extra mile to help me master relevant concepts, which I appreciated. I would highly recommend Dominate the GMAT to anyone looking for a significant improvement in his or her score.

- Howard Smith, Washington, D.C.,

Brett’s Dominate the GMAT videos are highly professional and easy to follow along with. Any student would benefit from incorporating this program into his/her GMAT study plan. He offers concise and easy-to-remember tips and tricks to increase the probability of success on test day for even the most nervous of test-takers, like I was. This program helped me as both a visual and auditory learner, using a combination of video instruction and on-screen notes and practice problems. A worthy investment for anyone seeking to dominate the GMAT!

- Jenn Doran, San Diego, CA,

Brett’s Dominate the GMAT course was a tremendous supplement to my GMAT prep and gave me a much better understanding of what the GMAT tests and the best strategies to beat it! Brett’s teaching style makes the material so easy to understand. I wish I had found this course before I paid over $1,500 to another company — I would have just used the Dominate the GMAT videos because the material taught was so comparable to that of the other company’s and was available for a much lower price.

- Lauren White, San Diego, CA,