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An Alternative Source for AWA Scoring Templates

Students often ask me how to write an effective “Analysis of an Argument” essay on the AWA portion of the GMAT, and how to know if their attempts on practice tests are good. Well for starters, you have to know what the test-makers are looking for and how to break down a logical argument in […]

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Get Ready for the “NEW” GMAT

Next Generation GMAT with Integrated Reasoning I heard it said once that the only constant in life is change. That may be true, yet it seems like nobody really likes change. Why, then, would the GMAC up and change the GMAT after so many years when the GMAT seems to have been doing its job […]

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Writing the Issue Essay in 30 Minutes

The GMAT “Analysis of an Issue” essay will be the first task you’ll have to tackle on test day. You’ll have 30 minutes to compose a response to a statement or directive and answer the question(s) given to you by the test-makers. The following guidelines and tips should serve you well: TIMETABLE Read question (2-3 […]

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