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Train Your Brain for the GMAT Test-Day Grind

You’ve read the books. You’ve taken a GMAT prep course. You’ve filled your head with math formulas and English grammar rules. You’ve posted on GMAT forums, you’ve increased your sleep, and you’ve even gotten help for your standardized test anxiety.

You’ve done everything you know to do to prepare for the GMAT.

Or have you?

What have you done to build up your mental stamina for the rigors of a 3.5-hour exam? Have you been training your brain like you would your muscles for a lengthy physical test? If not, why not?

In this short video I discuss why it’s so important that you don’t overlook this aspect of your GMAT preparation and share an easy tip for you on how to develop your mental endurance for a test-day edge. Check it out:

Agree? Disagree? What else have you been doing to prepare for the “inner game” of the GMAT? Post your comments or questions below!