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Last month, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) made the announcement that the online version of the GMAT is here to stay. Now, they’ve announced that starting April 8, 2021, several enhancements will be made to the GMAT Online to bring it more in line with the test center exam.

To use their words: “Exciting enhancements are coming to the GMAT™ online exam to provide you with even more choices and flexibility to ‘wow’ your target schools, bring your best on test day, and confidently meet your business school goals.”

If you’re planning to take the GMAT this Spring, here’s what you need to know:

Four Key Enhancements Starting on April 8

Plan your future testing strategy with these changes in mind:

  1. View your unofficial score immediately: Leave the suspense for the movies. See your score on screen after completing your exam so you can plan your next steps.
  2. Select your section order: Choose which section order to take the exam in, just like the test center exam.
  3. Take two 8-minute optional breaks: Why have one break when you can have two?
  4. Write your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA): Show off your analytical writing skills to your target programs.

Dates to know:

February 17: Registration opens for the enhanced GMAT™ online exam
Save the date. Register beginning February 17 for appointments April 8 and beyond.

Now through April 7: Current GMAT™ online exam is available
Still here. You can confidently continue to meet your business school goals with the current online exam. Register now.