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Each month, GMAC surveys a sample of mba.com registrants to collect data on their motivations, preferences, program choices, needs, behaviors, and opinions. It’s the largest data resource of its kind available to the graduate management education community and provides business schools around the world with reliable data to inform their understanding of the current state of market demand.

Survey responses from nearly 20,000 global business school candidates were released last week as part of the GMAC’s “2019 Prospective Students Survey” — and what’s cool about this edition is that it’s available online as an interactive data research tool.

You can check it out and start playing around with the tool here:

There are an incredible number of filters that enable users to parse the data in a myriad of ways to glean the information they’re looking for, including country-specific demographic details, but also things like undergraduate status, undergraduate major, self-reported GMAT total score, program type considered, study destination intentions, future industry of interest, and future job function of interest.

You can learn more about the topics covered in the interactive survey, here: https://blog.gmac.com/gmac-advisor/survey-responses-from-nearly-20000-global-business-school-candidates-at-your-fingertips.

The GMAC says that they’ll use the data from the survey to put out additional reports later this year, so be on the lookout for that. Additionally, you can visit the mba.com Prospective Students Survey homepage at gmac.com/prospectivestudents for more information about the survey and to view past research reports.