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If you’re thinking about retaking the GMAT — or if you know you’re going to take it more than once — the GMAT® Enhanced Score Report (ESR) is a valuable tool for analyzing your test results and getting a detailed look at exactly where you are strong and where you could use some improvement.

Last month (July 2018), the GMAC released some new enhancements to the ESR that will allow you to gain an even better understanding of where to focus your efforts as you prepare for the GMAT. Specifically, the updates expand the fundamental skills in the verbal and quantitative sections, which include a new detailed table of performance for critical reasoning, sentence correction, and geometry.

Here’s a snapshot of what part of the new quantitative section analysis looks like:

snapshot of the quantitative fundamental skills on the GMAT

And if you’re not already familiar with it, there’s a really cool tool where you can see an in-depth demo of the ESR to see if you think it’d be worth the $30 investment. You can launch the demo and play around with it HERE:

view the demo button

Be sure to navigate over to the Verbal and Quantitative tabs to check out the new enhancements to the “Fundamental Skills” sections. These are useful not only for figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses lie on the GMAT exam itself, but also in helping you to highlight your strengths to the admissions teams during your application process.

For more information about the ESR, visit https://www.mba.com/us/store/store-catalog/gmat-preparation/gmat-enhanced-score-report.aspx.

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