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Survey: Relative Weight of MBA Admissions Criteria

At the beginning of my free video on YouTube titled “GMAT Master Part 1 – Get 20 Easy Points on the GMAT + Your Success Triad,” I talk about how important your GMAT score is on your MBA applications.

True, admissions officers often given “political” answers when asked how important the GMAT is, stating that all aspects of the application are important and that they’re looking for well-rounded candidates.


…New data from the GMAC’s 2016 Application Trends Survey reveals the truth. Behind the anonymity of that questionnaire, admissions officers admitted that your GMAT (or GRE) score does in fact carry a lot of weight. Check this out:

relative importance of the GMAT compared to other aspects of the mba application process

As you can see, when applying for full-time two-year MBA programs, your GMAT score trails only the interview in importance. And remember that a lot of schools only interview a select number of highly-qualified applicants, so for a majority of candidates the GMAT is even more important because it’s essential for advancing them to the interview stage of the process.

It’s also interesting to note that admissions officers don’t view the GMAT as nearly as important for Executive MBA programs, for whatever reason. If you’re on that track, place more emphasis on your resume and the all-important interview (but don’t completely neglect the GMAT!).

Regardless, it’s clear that your GMAT score is as important as ever when applying to business school. To make sure you’re competitive against your peers and to put your best foot forward, let us help. Check out our GMAT prep course options HERE. Good luck!