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I’m excited to announce a free webinar event that Dominate the GMAT is going to be hosting on Wednesday, November 2nd at 1:00pm EST (10am Pacific) with the MBA admissions team at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

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It’s going to be a two-part session lasting about 45 minutes. First, the folks at UC Davis are going to share insights into the MBA admissions process and give you practical tips, from an insider’s perspective, on how to put your best foot forward and craft a winning business school application. They’ll touch on topics ranging from what admissions officers are looking for in a well-rounded candidate to essay tips to ideal recommenders, and more.

Then, obviously the GMAT is a big part of your application as well. That’s where Dominate the GMAT comes in. We’re going to talk big-picture about what you’re in store for on the exam and then break it down into practical action steps you’ll need to take to fully prepare for the GMAT — including where to focus your efforts for the biggest return on your time investment. We’ll give you an ideal study plan as well as some specific strategies you can use to boost your GMAT score right out of the gate.

Whether you’re new to the MBA admissions process or you’re already knee-deep into studying for the GMAT and preparing your applications, I’m confident that you’ll benefit from the information we’re going to share on this free webinar.

So go ahead and reserve your spot now. Here’s the link you can use to register:


See you on Wednesday!

UC Davis Graduate School of Management