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I feel lucky to have come across Brett’s Dominate the GMAT course. It broke down many of the barriers that I faced while trying to study for the GMAT on my own. Brett’s videos and instructional materials made the concepts significantly more understandable than the name-brand textbooks I was using. It’s truly amazing to see how the verbal and quantitative problems on the GMAT can be methodically dissected and attacked with a strategic game-plan. Brett was always responsive, attentive, and personal when answering my questions. I even had a few last-minute clarifying questions the night before my scheduled GMAT exam, and he took the time to speak with me on very short notice. He’s a talented and passionate instructor who always seemed to go the extra mile. Brett’s Dominate the GMAT was nothing short of an excellent experience. The result? I dominated the GMAT. In fact, I received an academic scholarship and gained admission to my top-choice MBA program!