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New Features Effective July 19, 2015

The GMAC's 3 changes to the GMAT in 2015You spoke. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) listened. Effective July 19, 2015, three new features are going to be introduced to improve and streamline the GMAT exam experience for test takers.

You can read the full explanation of each enhancement here, but here’s a quick summary for you:

  1. Cancelled scores will be removed from your score report entirely. The “C” that represents a candidate’s cancelled scores will not be shown on any future GMAT score reports generated by GMAC. This means that when a test taker cancels their score, only the test taker will know. This feature will be applied retroactively to all previously cancelled test scores, which will be removed from all future score reports that are sent to schools.
  2. The waiting period for retaking a GMAT exam is being reduced from 31 days to 16 days. There will still be a limit of 5 exams in a given 12-month period, however.
  3. When accessing your official score report online, you will now use your date of birth rather than a separate authentication code.

So there you have it! What do you think of these changes? Which are you happiest about? Leave your comments below!

Note: Just because you no longer have to wait as long to retake the GMAT, you still need to make sure taking the test again is a prudent thing to do. Click here to check out my article on “Should I Retake the GMAT?” for tips and advice on how to make that important decision.