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Know Your GMAT “WHY” for Maximum Success

Know your why for success on the GMATLet’s be honest: Dominating the GMAT is a serious endeavor.

It requires a significant investment of time, energy, focus, sacrifice, and yes, even money.

As such, it’s easy to get sidetracked. To lose motivation. To fall behind in your preparation. Remember when you were so sure that you wanted to go to business school? Now that you’re knee-deep in your GMAT studying, maybe you’re not so sure.

So how do you maintain the required discipline? How do you stay motivated? How can you ensure that you stay on track to ultimately dominate the GMAT and get in to the business school of your choice?

Check out my latest video below where I discuss exactly that topic. (Hint: My solution may not be what you’re expecting!)

What’s your GMAT “WHY”? Share it in the “comments” area below!