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I was recently hosted by Accepted.com to deliver a content-packed webinar providing a three-part game plan for dominating the GMAT. In it I gave a detailed look at the format of the GMAT with two key strategies for boosting your score based on understanding how the test is scored; I talked about the psychology of the GMAT and how to put yourself in the best position for success; I talked about the three core areas where you should be focusing your time; I taught a really cool strategy about how to get right answers on hard problems even if you don’t know how to do the underlying math; and I even provided specific recommended resources that you can/should use if you’re going to be studying for the GMAT on your own.

And you’re in luck! Accepted.com was kind enough to record the webinar and make it publicly available. You can get the recording HERE or click on the image below. Enjoy!

Free GMAT webinar about how to beat the gmat