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Revised GMAT Percentile Rankings July 2014

The GMAC just revised and released their official percentile rankings for GMAT test takers. You can check them out here.

As you know, your GMAT score includes a percentile ranking in addition to your scaled and raw scores that enables you (and business schools!) to compare your skill level with other test takers from the past three years. Your percentile rank shows you the percentage of tests taken with scores lower than yours. For example, if you achieve a total GMAT score of 690, that currently puts you in the 87th percentile — meaning that your total score and skill level are greater than 87 percent of all GMAT test takers over the past three years.

Not bad!

The GMAC provides average score and percentile rankings for each section of the test. How do you stack up? I’ve reproduced their charts and summarized the results here for your convenience:

Total Score:
The mean Total GMAT Score over the last 3-year period is 547.35, which is up from 545.6 last year. That score would put you at a percentile ranking of about 44%.

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Quantitative and Verbal Scores:
The mean Quantitative Score is 38.03 (UP a bit from last year) and a percentile ranking of 41%, while the mean Verbal Score is 27.04 (DOWN a bit from last year) and a percentile ranking of 46%.

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Integrated Reasoning Score:
The mean Integrated Reasoning Score is 4.33 with a percentile ranking of about 44%.

what is a good integrated reasoning score on the gmat

AWA Score:
The mean Analytical Writing Assessment Score is 4.34.

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With the average and percentile rankings going UP┬áthis year for the Total and Quantitative GMAT Scores, you may find yourself needing an extra boost to keep pace with your colleagues. That’s what we’re here for. Consider our Comprehensive Online GMAT Course which will provide you with everything you need to blow your peers out of the water and dominate the GMAT!