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GMAT Primer: Understanding the GMAT

understanding the gmat overview primerEstablished over fifty years ago, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required for entrance into over 1,600 graduate-level management degree programs worldwide. Every aspiring business and management professional should consider sitting for this exam. OnlineMBA has created a fantastic guide called “Understanding the GMAT” to help you get started.

Topics include:

  1. Why GMAT Scores Matter
  2. Registering for the GMAT
  3. What to Bring on Test Day
  4. How Scoring and Score Reports Work
  5. Anatomy of the Test
  6. GMAT Prep Strategies
  7. Self-Directed Study
  8. GMAT Prep Courses
  9. Strategies for Test Day
  10. Additional Resources

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Get Your GMAT Paid For?

One particularly interesting section of onlineMBA’s GMAT Guide is reproduced below. If you qualify, what great advice to help you potentially save $250!

U.S. students will be able to find and register for an exam appointment within a month of their initial registration date. It may take longer for international students. While your GMAC account is free, registering for the exam is not. Regardless of where you live, a $250 fee is required at the time of registration.

However, it’s worth noting that GMAC does offer fee waivers for the GMAT test. Up to 10 free waivers are offered to a school over a one year period. These schools can then determine how they want to hand out waivers to disadvantaged candidates who intend to take the GMAT, apply and then enroll in their school.

As a student, if you are particularly set on a program at a given school, and are struggling to meet the fee requirements of the GMAT, reach out to the school and see how they go about awarding fee waivers. Each school has their own process for determining eligibility, but at the same time, the GMAC requires schools to share that selection process in order to qualify for waivers in the first place.

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