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GMAT Time Management Tips & Study Plan

I recently put out a survey to my current and prospective students about a new GMAT Bootcamp course I was launching. One of the questions asked what topic they wished I would devote more time to in the course.

Do you know what most people responded?

Time management.

See, a lot of people can answer most of the math and verbal questions tested on the GMAT if given enough time. But can you answer those same questions in under two minutes when the pressure of the GMAT is on you and the clock is ticking down?

That’s the topic of this third video (click below) in my free GMAT Mastery video series. I teach you the four-step progression of learning how to be more efficient when answering GMAT questions so that you can get more right answers in less time on test day. I also lay out a framework for how you should study for the GMAT in general — a step-by-step game plan for mastering each of the most important content and strategy areas for truly dominating the GMAT.

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Your study plan to beat the gmat and improve gmat time management strategies

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