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I’m grateful that I found Brett’s course for so many reasons, but here are my top four reasons why Dominate The GMAT rules:
1. Handy. I have a very busy schedule and sometimes I have to travel many times during a single week. Also the city where I live it´s hard to reach your destination points due to heavy hours of traffic.  Thanks to this online GMAT program I was able to take classes and boost my score without leaving home.
2.  Practical and not overwhelming. The material covers all the subjects the GMAT tests including only the necessary keys to overcome the exam. It was very important for me not to feel overwhelmed by a load of rules and information that is hard to remember the day of the test.
3.  Keeps you focused. The virtual class is a perfect strategy if you´re not the most organized person, like me. The structured nature of the course keeps you on track and encourages you to work hard and be disciplined so you stay focused throughout the duration of your studies.
4.  Affordable. It’s a very affordable program if you compare it to the rest of the courses I looked at. And regardless of the price, which is nice to have but not the most important thing to take into account, the content of the course provides you with the necessary tools to beat the GMAT!