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Preparing for Your B-School Admissions Interview

The following is a guest post from the admissions experts at Admit1mba.com, a personal admissions consulting firm located in NYC and helping global applicants in their MBA journey.

MBA Interview - Getting into Business SchoolIf you are applying to business school by the first or second application deadline, you should start thinking about your MBA interview. While you might think it’s premature to start preparing for your interview at Harvard or Columbia Business School before clicking “Submit” on your MBA application, I’d like to tell you why it’s never too early to think about your MBA interview.

Correlation between your MBA application essays and interview

Most MBA interviews at top business schools will include the “Why MBA, why us, why now” questions. You have to be prepared for this question, and your answers on interview day have to be in line with what you write in the application. So, if you write about your career goals that you want to go into the non-profit sector, but by the time you’re called for an interview you decide that what you REALLY want to do is health care, you’re in trouble; your entire pitch is going to be considered unreliable.

Essays are cheap, talk is expensive?

It’s easy to write in your essays that after graduation you want to start up your own consulting company focused on green products and sustainable energy, but  how much do you know about this industry? Or,  if your dream goal is to switch from engineering to research equity, can you pitch a stock?  When you interview at a top business school, you are defending a thesis about your profile, your background, and your ability to be successful in whatever career you envision for yourself. It takes time to figure how to present this story, and you should do this before you get the interview call.

Know thy MBA Program

Top business schools use various methods of interviewing MBA candidates, including alumni interviews at Columbia, a team-based discussion session at Wharton, or a notoriously grueling interview at Harvard Business School. Understanding what will be covered (and what will not) during the particular business school’s interview will help you evaluate what information you need to include in other parts of your application — your resume, essays, letters of recommendation, etc.

The MBA interview is your place to shine, bring your profile to life and present a compelling case for why you should be admitted to Stanford, Kellogg or INSEAD. You want to be prepared and confident when you walk into your interview, and you want to walk out knowing you’ve put your best foot forward and presented yourself in the best possible way.

The admissions experts at Admit1mba would be happy to help you prepare for your MBA interview (and also edit your essays so you can get that interview call!). Contact them here to set up an initial consultation, or email them at info@admit1mba.com.