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GMAT Scoring: What is a Computer Adaptive Test?

GMAT ScoringYou watch “The Price is Right” from time to time. Come on, admit it. Who do you like more as a host, Bob Barker or Drew Carey? Have you ever seen “The Clock Game?” It’s the game where the contestant has one minute to guess the exact value of the prize in question, and the only direction the host (now Drew Carey) gives is to indicate whether the actual value is “higher” or “lower” after each guess. The contestant then adjusts his/her guess and the game progresses accordingly. At the end of the minute, the contestant has either arrived at the exact price tag of the prize, or not. It’s pretty entertaining.

Now what does this have to do with the GMAT? Believe it or not, the GMAT is scored almost exactly like the guessing algorithm used by most contestants who play “The Clock Game” on the Price is Right (whether they know it or not!). As you know, the GMAT is a CAT — a Computer-Adaptive Test. What this means is that the computer adjusts to you based on how you’re doing. How does it do it and what does it mean for you in terms of being able to score higher on the GMAT? Watch this video to find out: