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The Benefits of an Online GMAT Prep Course

If you’re like a lot of our students, you’re trying to determine the best way to prepare for the GMAT. Should you drop $1,500 or more for a classroom course by one of the corporate GMAT prep companies? Should you just buy some study books at Barnes & Noble and try to study for the GMAT on your own? Or should you try to do a combination of the two — and perhaps even give one of these online GMAT courses a try? If so, who should you trust?

This dilemma is what spawned the birth of Dominate the GMAT. Our goal is to offer affordable yet effective GMAT prep solutions for people who want a structed course they can work through from the comfort of their own home, and also for people who largely want to study on their own for the GMAT but who many need a little extra help in doing so (our a-la-carte video lessons and GMAT practice tests are unique in the industry and provide a perfect compliment to self-guided study).

In fact, that’s why you should strongly consider taking an online GMAT prep course. 

Hold on! Wait a second! Before you stop reading, hear me out. I know you may be skeptical. In fact, you may be a lot like one of my former students, Nick Rodriguez of Colorado. Here’s his story:

Nick Rodriguez, Boulder, CO

Nick Rodriguez, Boulder, CO

“I was initially skeptical about the value of an online course vs. a traditional GMAT classroom course. In short order, I became very impressed with Brett’s patience as a coach and dedication as a teacher. The structure of the course allowed me to focus on the areas that I needed to brush up on and lightly review the areas that I was more familiar with. This course allows you to plan and manage your study/review time very effectively — especially helpful if you have a day job while studying, like I did. After completing Brett’s course, my GMAT score rose nearly 100 points and I was accepted into both graduate programs that I had applied for!” — Nick Rodriguez

The reality is that technology today makes it such that you don’t have to sacrifice quantity or quality of content in an online environment. In fact, the online forum replicates a classroom environment and provides the ability to review the material over and over again, as many times as necessary to learn the information. And ultimately, online GMAT courses — if effectively crafted and structured — produce comparable, if not even better, results than those to be expected in a classroom course.

In addition to all of this, here are five (5) additional benefits of online GMAT prep:

  1. Increased Flexibility – You’re busy and don’t want to be limited to three hours in a classroom on a fixed night each week. Study when you want and where you want, on demand.
  2. Targeted Approach – Focus on your weak areas with tools that are customized to meet your needs. Lessons are broken out by topic so that you can review the content you need the most help with.
  3. Personalized Attention – With Dominate the GMAT, you’ll have one-on-one time with a live instructor each week. It’s the best of both worlds — the flexibility of on-demand online instruction with the personal touch of a live teacher.
  4. Quality Content – Video lessons simulate a classroom environment and provide the highest quality content with less hassle. In fact, our students score higher on the GMAT after taking our online courses than average reported scores from competitors’ classroom courses.*
  5. Cost Effective – Online courses can be as much a 70% less expensive that a traditional classroom course. Why pay more if you can get even better results for less money?

* Based on reported average score improvements on the websites of Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Manhattan GMAT.

So, what are you waiting for? The choice is clear. Get the best possible GMAT preparation backed by our score improvement guarantee, and use all that extra money you’ll save to treat yourself to a nice vacation after you dominate the GMAT!

Still not convinced? Here are a few more things that make us the best choice to help you get into the business school you desire: