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GMAT Tip of the Week for the week of October 1, 2012

This week’s GMAT tip* concerns how to make the most of your full-length computer adaptive GMAT practice exams to simulate your test-day experience and benefit optimally from your GMAT practice time. Watch this video to learn more:

GMAT Tip of the Week: They say that practice makes perfect. I beg to differ. I suggest that perfect practice makes perfect, and that’s the mindset you need to adopt when you take your full-length computer-adaptive online GMAT practice tests.

Specifically, you should take your GMAT practice exams under as real-to-life testing conditions as possible. For example, if you’re going to take the real GMAT in the morning, then take your practice tests in the morning. Also, get in the habit of taking the full practice test to develop your “mental stamina.” Some students skip writing the essay when taking their practice tests, but you’re going to have to write it on test day, so it will serve you well if you get used to writing the essay on your practice tests, too.

The more seriously you take your practice tests, the more likely you’ll be to dominate the real thing on test day!

* Each week, one of the GMAT experts at Dominate the GMAT shares a valuable GMAT test-taking tip, strategy, trick, or content item. These tips are designed to augment your GMAT study program and provide you with additional information that will help you improve your GMAT score.