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Was it strange to have the Dominate the GMAT logo as my desktop wallpaper for the months I was studying for the GMAT? To have the theme music that plays at the start of the instructional videos on my iPod to listen to before taking the test? Not really — that’s how important Brett’s course was to me. I was a horrible math student in high school, with barely passing grades even in the easiest “consumer math” stream. Needless to say, I had a lot of ground to cover. I needed a course that would take me from the basics through to the most difficult GMAT math concepts fast, and give me the confidence to overcome my anxiety around math. Dominate the GMAT did just that, with excellent pacing, a thorough review of the concepts, and “tricks” that aren’t claiming to outsmart the test, but that are based on Brett’s deep knowledge of how GMAT questions are written and what they are trying to accomplish. Without Brett’s Dominate the GMAT video course, I would not have gotten close to the score I did (over 700, which was my goal) and been admitted into the school of my choice (with the nice additional bonus of being recruited by some other very fine schools, based on my score). I recommend Brett’s program to anyone preparing for the GMAT, no matter what level.