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Budding Entrepreneur? Maximize your Website.

At Dominate the GMAT, we’re primarily focused on helping you to improve your GMAT score and get into the business school of your choice. But we’re also huge advocates of business in general. And entrepreneurship. And about providing the business leaders of tomorrow not only with the tools to get into business school (i.e. a good GMAT score), but also to thrive in the world of business for decades to come.

As such, I thought I’d pass along a great article I just read by one of Dominate the GMAT‘s consultants (some of you may have even found us on the web thanks to DinomiteSEO‘s work!):

“Top Google Plus Tip of 2012 – Your Picture on Page One of Google in 5 Minutes

It’s amazing to me the number of students I work with who already have their own business websites. Entrepreneurship is on the rise, even among prospective MBA’s. In fact, even in the top MBA programs, entrepreneurial content is the fifth-most requested part of the curriculum. Whether it’s because of changes in the economy or a desire to learn new skills, whether part-time or full-time, more and more business students are starting their own businesses. Almost all business schools have an Entrepreneurs Club of some sort. I actually started my first business while in business school, and I’ve loved the freedom that entrepreneurship provides so much that I’ve never looked back.

If you have a business, you also have a business website. Make the most of it. I hope you benefit from the article above and the simple yet effective tips it provides. Here’s to your success!

I’ll end this post with a short but inspirational video about entrepreneurship. Enjoy!