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How to Do Well on the GMAT – Time Management

GMAT Tip of the Week for the week of November 14, 2011

This week’s GMAT tip* is to practice identifying common GMAT question patterns by leafing through a book of practice problems and deciding which question type you’re looking at and which strategy you’d use for each GMAT sample question. Learn how in this video:

GMAT Tip of the Week: A big part of doing well on the GMAT is pattern recognition. What that means is that when you see a GMAT question on the screen, you should be able to quickly recognize the type of problem you’re looking at and decide which approach or strategy you’re going to use to solve it. One way to get good at this skill — aside from working tons of real former GMAT practice questions — is to practice it!

If you’re using the GMAT Review Official Guide, which is a compendium of hundreds of sample GMAT questions of all types, consider leafing through it randomly, pointing to a problem, and quickly assessing what type of question it is and how you’d go about solving it. Is “working backwards” the best strategy? Would you apply your right triangle rules? Is it a sentence correction question teaching subject-verb agreement? Don’t bother actually solving the problem (yet); rather, scroll through the book quickly and make your assessment as quickly as possible. It will pay dividends on test day when you spend less time evaluating a question and more time actually solving it!

* Each week, one of the GMAT experts at Dominate the GMAT shares a valuable GMAT test-taking tip, strategy, trick, or content item. These tips are designed to augment your GMAT study program and provide you with additional information that will help you improve your GMAT score.