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GMAT Strategy: Eliminate Wrong Answers

Tip of the Week for the week of October 31, 2011

This week’s GMAT tip* is to use common sense to eliminate “eye catcher” and other clearly wrong answer choices, especially on GMAT problem solving question. Watch how this powerful GMAT strategy plays out in a sample GMAT probability question:

GMAT Tip of the Week:
When you first look at a GMAT problem solving question, before you dive right in and start trying to solve the problem, a useful strategy is to first apply a bit of logic and common sense to eliminate one or more clearly wrong answer choices. On every GMAT question, there will be several answer choices that we call “throw-away” answers. They may be eye-catchers, designed to trap the average test-taker, or they might simply be nonsensical answers based on the scope of the question or the concept being tested. This approach is especially useful on GMAT probability questions, where it is often obvious whether or not you’d expect the probability to be relatively high or low, depending on the question being asked.

Eliminating just one or two answer choices using this approach is not insignificant, especially if you find yourself in a position where you are forced to guess because you just can’t quite figure out how to solve the problem normally. Consider this: Eliminating just one clearly wrong answer choice per question improves your guessing odds from 20% to 25%, which could be worth as many as 4-5 more right answers throughout the course of the GMAT exam!

* Each week, one of the GMAT experts at Dominate the GMAT shares a valuable GMAT test-taking tip, strategy, trick, or content item. These tips are designed to augment your GMAT study program and provide you with additional information that will help you improve your GMAT score.