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GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions

GMAT Tip of the Week for the week of October 17, 2011

This week’s GMAT tip* is to avoid trying to determine if/how the two statements in a GMAT data sufficiency question work together until absolutely necessary. Check out this video to see why, and what your best strategy is for doing so:

GMAT Tip of the Week: On GMAT data sufficiency questions, you want to avoid trying to determine how the two statements work together until it’s absolutely necessary to do so. Trying to figure out how — or even if — the two statements pertain to each other is one of the hardest things to do on the GMAT quantitative section. Instead, you want to start by making a determination about each of the statements individually, in isolation. That will enable you to systematically eliminate wrong answer choices. If done correctly, by the time it comes to evaluating the two statements together (which may not even be necessary depending on what you’ve determined about the two statements individually), at worst you’ll have a 50-50 guess between answer choices C and E. Not bad odds!

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