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End-of-section strategy plays an important role in maximizing your score on the GMAT. As you know from our video lesson on “GMAT Overview and Scoring,” there is a penalty for not completing all of the questions on the test. As such, if you’re running out of time in a section but have a few questions remaining, it’s important that you guess so as to completely finish the exam. Even if you get all of your guesses wrong, it won’t hurt your score as badly as if you leave them blank.

A question that I occasionally get from my students is, “What if I answer the final questions but don’t have time to ‘confirm’ it before time expires? Will it still count?”

We recently received a definitive answer from GMAC, and the answer is YES, the test will accept your answer if you have selected an answer bubble when time runs out, even if you haven’t clicked “next” or “confirm.”

So, if you’re running out of time on your final question, be sure to select an answer quickly, even if it’s purely a guess, and then continue to work on the problem as time permits. That way, worst case, at least you’ll have an answer that will count for you!