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Dominate the GMAT was essential to my success on the GMAT. I had been delaying and dreading studying for the GMAT for almost 6 months, but I am very happy I chose to use the Dominate the GMAT videos to study and learn the material I most needed help on. The video lessons are extremely dynamic and an appropriate length to soak in the material. For someone like me who is a busy professional and who needed control and flexibility over my study schedule, this course was absolutely perfect. The tips and tools Brett provides are fantastic, and I also loved being able to revisit a certain video while I was doing practice problems if there was a strategy or concept I had forgotten. That ability to review any material at any time makes the course great for someone who wants to learn at their own pace and ability.  The Data Sufficiency videos were extremely helpful and the tools explained in these videos make these types of questions less daunting and provides you confidence on test day. I was most impressed by the improvement I made in the verbal sections with the help Brett provided. I went from feeling very uncomfortable with many verbal sections, particularly sentence correction and critical reasoning, to having these areas being my highest scores. The real world examples Brett provides during the videos feel very relevant and were very indicative of questions you see on test day. Brett provides great examples and continues to add additional material and support to make the study experience complete. When I arrived for the test, I felt fully prepared and knew exactly what to expect.