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GMAT 3D Shapes – Cylinders and Boxes

The most advanced geometry tested on the GMAT is solid geometry — that is, geometry that involves three-dimensional shapes such as cylinders and boxes.

Questions involving 3D figures on the GMAT really aren’t all that difficult once you know what the test makers are looking for. Moreover, knowing a few relevant formulas will enable you to solve most solid geometry problems that the GMAT throws at you. As always, we don’t believe that memorizing a bunch of formulas is the best way to prepare for GMAT geometry questions; rather, in this lesson we’ll show you how to think through the logic behind cylinder and box formulas, and how to apply them to a myriad of sample problems.

Specifically, this GMAT video tutorial covers:

  • Overview of GMAT solid geometry;
  • Cylinders, including volume and surface area formulas and applications;
  • Boxes, including volume and surface area formulas and applications;
  • The “Longest Rod” problem;
  • Numerous sample questions with detailed answer explanations

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