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GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions (Part 2)

Have you learned to love GMAT data sufficiency questions yet? Have you trained your brain to think about math in an inverse kind of way? Have you thoroughly implemented everything you learned in GMAT Data Sufficiency – Part 1? If not, then you need to dive a little deeper, and this lesson is just the ticket.

The great thing about GMAT data sufficiency is that the same types of questions are tested over and over again on the GMAT. Once you learn to identify the type of GMAT data sufficiency question you’re looking at, actually answering it becomes significantly easier. This GMAT video tutorial covers all of the most commonly tested GMAT data sufficiency questions and gives you ample opportunity — with step-by-step guided tutorial by an expert GMAT instructor — to implement the all-important methodology for answering these types of questions.

Specifically, this GMAT video tutorial covers:

  • Finding a single integral value
  • Determining whether or not a number is an integer
  • Common “relationships” questions (fractions, percents, decimals, ratios)
  • Understanding how figures work on data sufficiency questions
  • A foolproof strategy for handling questions that involve variables
  • “Yes/No” GMAT data sufficiency questions
  • Numerous GMAT data sufficiency practice questions with detailed answer explanations

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