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GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions (Part 2)

Pattern recognition — being able to quickly identify the type of question you’re looking at — is crucial on all categories of GMAT question types, and critical reasoning is no exception. In GMAT Critical Reasoning – Part 1, you learned how to dissect an argument, recognize the parts of an argument, and identify an argument’s assumption(s).

In Part 2 of our critical reasoning lesson, we build on that foundation and look at common types of critical reasoning questions you’re likely to see on the GMAT, with an emphasis on three major patterns of logical arguments tested throughout the critical reasoning section. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with arcane logic rules; rather, we’ll show you exactly how recognizing one of these common GMAT argument patterns will enable you to quickly identify that argument’s assumption(s) and get more right answers as a result.

Specifically, this GMAT video tutorial covers:

  • Types of GMAT critical reasoning questions
  • Common patterns of logical arguments tested on the GMAT, including Generalization arguments, Arguments by Analogy, and Causal arguments
  • Argument fallacies and common wrong answer choices
  • Miscellaneous strategies
  • Numerous GMAT critical reasoning sample questions and answer explanations

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