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GMAT Coordinate Geometry – The XY-Plane

If you’ve ever driven in Salt Lake City, Utah, you’re familiar with coordinate geometry. The streets in Salt Lake are laid out in a perfect grid, with the Morman Temple at the center. The streets are numbered in ascending order radiating out from that central point — exactly like in an xy-coordinate plane.

On the GMAT, you will need to be familiar with the xy-coordinate plane and answer both problems solving and data sufficiency questions related to it. Sometimes the coordinate plane itself will be provided, and sometimes it won’t. You may have to find the distance between two points, the slope of a line, the y-intercept of a line, or answer any number of other GMAT coordinate geometry questions. This lesson will teach everything you need to know — at least about GMAT coordinate geometry (we can’t promise that you’ll be able to give up your GPS or road maps)!

Specifically, this GMAT video tutorial covers:

  • A detailed review of coordinate geometry and the xy-coordinate plane;
  • Finding the distance between two points;
  • Finding the slope and midpoint of a line;
  • Finding and using the equation of a line;
  • X-intercepts and Y-intercepts;
  • Numerous GMAT practice questions and detailed answer explanations

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