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GMAT Reading Comprehension Questions

Reading comprehension questions are generally the most straightforward on the GMAT verbal section (you’ve probably seen these on the SAT, ACT, or other standardized tests from your past), and yet they can pose problems for GMAT test takers for a number of reasons: Is your concentration poor? Is your reading pace slow? Do you find the passages boring or difficult to understand? Do you find yourself searching the passage again and again to find the information you need?

This tutorial lesson will teach you how to overcome those common issues, and more! We will teach you how to read passages in the most effective and efficient manner to help you save time and get more right answers. We will also teach you common GMAT reading comprehension question patterns as well as common wrong answers to be on the lookout for. In short, you will come away from this GMAT tutorial with a renewed confidence to successfully tackle all aspects of GMAT reading comprehension.

Specifically, this GMAT video tutorial covers:

  • Detailed overview of GMAT reading comprehension, including the “anatomy and psychology” of GMAT reading comprehension questions
  • Step-by-step methodology for tackling GMAT reading comprehension questions
  • Reading the passages effectively
  • Types of reading comprehension questions and strategies for each
  • Identifying and avoiding common wrong answer “traps”
  • Numerous reading comprehension sample questions with detailed answer explanations

Cost: Only $25!

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