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Course Syllabus

The first thing you should do is download your course syllabus.

Click this link to access your syllabus: Description and Study Guide (Verbal Only)_v4.1

Your syllabus will walk you step-by-step through an ideal study plan and instruct you as to when you should watch each of the video lessons below. There is a specifically-designed flow to the curriculum to equip you for maximum success in preparing for the verbal portion of the GMAT, so it will serve you well to stick as closely as possible to the prescribed order on the syllabus.

As part of your curriculum, you will be receiving the textbook that accompanies the course: Game Plan for GMAT Verbal. It should arrive within 3-5 business days.

Practice Exams

Three (3) full-length GMAT practice tests are included with your course.

  • In Weeks 1 & 2 you will take the GMATPrep exams provided by the GMAC. To download the free GMATPrep software, CLICK HERE. Note: You will need to create an account at www.mba.com before you can download the PowerPrep software.
  • In Week 4 you will take Dominate the GMAT‘s proprietary computer-adaptive GMAT Simulator Exam. You will be receiving a personal access code via e-mail for this exam. Note: Up to 4 additional GMAT simulator exams can be purchased at a discount from our website (click HERE).


1. GMAT Sentence Correction Worksheet – Idioms (watch Answer Explanations)
2. GMAT Sentence Correction Worksheet – Modifiers (watch Answer Explanations)
3. GMAT Sentence Correction Worksheet – Parallelism & Comparisons (watch Answer Explanations)
4. GMAT Sentence Correction Worksheet – Pronouns (watch Answer Explanations)
5. GMAT Sentence Correction Worksheet – Subject-Verb Agreement (watch Answer Explanations)
6. GMAT Sentence Correction Worksheet – Verb Tenses (watch Answer Explanations)

ANSWER EXPLANATIONS: The worksheets contain answer keys. If you would like to view solution videos for each of the worksheets to better understand how to solve questions you’re having particular difficulty with, click here.

Concept Lessons

As a supplement to your instructional video lessons, worksheets, and textbooks, we have compiled additional articles, blog posts, and videos that explain some of the most important, foundational GMAT Concepts that you should know for the GMAT.

This is a great resource where you can look up any topics that you’d like more information on. Be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll continually be adding to these GMAT Concept Lessons!

GMAT Overview (Video)

Intro, Overview and Scoring
Introduction to the GMAT; format of the exam; detailed overview of how the test is scored with strategies for how to capitalize on that understanding.

Instructional Video Lessons: GMAT Verbal Section

Sentence Correction – Part 1
Sentence correction overview; plan of attack for how to systematically work through sentence correction questions; effectiveness rules; common wrong answers; and more!

Sentence Correction – Part 2
Detailed grammar instruction on the most commonly-tested points of English grammar including subject-verb agreement, pronouns, parallel construction, misplaced modifiers, idioms, and more!

Reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension overview; the anatomy of Reading Comprehension questions; how to read passages for maximum effectiveness on all question types; outlining techniques; common question types and passage patterns; common wrong answers; and more!

Critical Reasoning – Part 1
Critical reasoning overview; plan of attack for reading the argument prompts reductively; parts of an argument; how to isolate the key to finding right answers on the most common questions.

Critical Reasoning – Part 2
The three most common GMAT argument patterns, how to identify them, and how to use that knowledge to zero in on the assumptions that will lead correct answers.

BONUS Video: Integrated Reasoning

GMAT Integrated Reasoning
In-depth exploration of the GMAT’s new Integrated Reasoning section. Overview of the skills and concepts tested in the Integrated Reasoning section as well as an exploration of I.R. scoring. General and specific strategies and detailed explanation of each of the four question formats: Table Analysis; Graphics Interpretation; Multi-Source Reasoning; and Two-Part Analysis. Examples of each with explanations and miscellaneous test-taking strategies.

BONUS Video: The GMAT Essay

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
Overview of the GMAT essay, including scoring criteria, time management, how to structure your essay, and how to write an effective “Analysis of an Argument” essay in the time provided; detailed look at the GMAT “Analysis of an Argument” essay, including instruction on how to properly analyze an argument, with a guided discussion of an actual essay topic; and more!

[private_data sufficiency part 1|data sufficiency part 2|problem solving overview and non standard math techniques|percents fractions decimals ratios averages and prime factorization|problem solving common gmat word problems|quadratic equations simultaneous equations and inequalities|exponents roots and radicals|probability and combinatorics|geometry overview|geometry triangles|geometry circles|solid geometry|coordinate geometry|data interpretation]

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