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Hello, and welcome to Dominate the GMAT. Congratulations on making a great decision to partner with us for your private GMAT tutoring. We’re really looking forward to working with you!


Your one-on-one GMAT tutoring sessions with your instructor are the cornerstone of your program. Within 24 hours of your enrollment, your instructor will be in touch with you by phone or e-mail to learn more about you and schedule your first tutoring session. If you’ll be accessing the sessions using our online whiteboard platform, he’ll provide you with those access instructions as well.

As part of your curriculum, you will be receiving two textbooks that accompany the tutoring program: GMAT Review Official Guide, 13th Ed. and Game Plan for the GMAT. They should arrive within 2-3 business days.

Practice Exams

Five (5) full-length GMAT practice tests are included with your private tutoring.

  • Two of them are the GMATPrep exams provided by the GMAC. To download the free GMATPrep software, CLICK HERE. Note: You will need to create an account at www.mba.com before you can download the PowerPrep software.
  • Three of them are Dominate the GMAT‘s proprietary computer-adaptive GMAT Simulator Exams. You will be receiving personal access codes via e-mail for those three exams. Note: Up to 2 additional GMAT simulator exams can be purchased at a discount from our website (click HERE).


Quantitative Worksheets Verbal Worksheets
GMAT Worksheet – Algebra Sentence Correction Worksheet – Idioms
GMAT Worksheet – Arithmetic Sentence Correction Worksheet – Modifiers
GMAT Worksheet – Circles Sentence Correction Worksheet – Parallelism and Comparisons
GMAT Worksheet – Non-Standard Math Techniques Sentence Correction Worksheet – Pronouns
GMAT Worksheet – Probability and Combinatorics Sentence Correction Worksheet – Subject-Verb Agreement
GMAT Worksheet – Triangles Sentence Correction Worksheet – Verb Tenses


ANSWER EXPLANATIONS: The worksheets contain answer keys. If you would like to view solution videos for each of the worksheets to better understand how to solve questions you’re having particular difficulty with, click here.

Concept Lessons

As a supplement to your instructor-led personal GMAT tutoring sessions, worksheets, and textbooks, we have compiled additional articles, blog posts, and videos that explain some of the most important, foundational GMAT Concepts that you should know for the GMAT. This is a great resource where you can look up any topics that you’d like more information on. Be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll continually be adding to these GMAT Concept Lessons!

  1. GMAT Quantitative Concept Lessons
  2. GMAT Verbal Concept Lessons

Supplemental Video Lessons

Problem Solving – Common GMAT Word Problems
“A train leaves Chicago heading west at 85mph. Another train leaves the station 30 minutes later heading east at 90mph….” Did you instantly get a headache reading that question? Have bad 10th grade flashbacks? Then this lesson is for you. It covers the most common word problem types on the GMAT, and the most effective strategies for handling each one.

Probability and Combinatorics
This lesson takes the hardest math concepts tested on the GMAT and makes them easy to understand and accessible. No complex formula memorization here! Learn how to get right answers on even the hardest counting (“How many ways…?”) and probability questions.