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Online GMAT Prep Course – Only $299! (Normally $397)

Online GMAT Preparation CourseThis comprehensive GMAT online prep course combines the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided at-home study program with the structure and live instruction of a traditional classroom course. Our detailed syllabus will guide you step-by-step through the math, verbal, integrated reasoning, and essay portions of the GMAT, as well as provide you with copious practice problems, full-length practice tests, textbook review, and online whiteboard sessions with your instructor. We cover all the bases to help you improve in all aspects of the GMAT, on demand!

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Christi H., Utah

Here’s what’s included with your GMAT online prep course and what makes Dominate the GMAT unique:

  • Over 24 hours of cutting-edge instructional videos, accessible on demand, that simulate a classroom experience and cover every major content area and question type tested on the GMAT to make your GMAT online preparation convenient yet effective;
  • Two textbooks* (Official Guide for GMAT Review 2016 and Ace the GMAT) and content-specific worksheets with over 1,000 real former GMAT practice problems and answer explanations;
  • Access to seven (7) full-length GMAT practice tests (5 included);
  • A weekly one-hour online “office hours” session with a live instructor where you can receive additional instruction, get answers to your homework questions, and network with other GMAT students;
  • Detailed Concept Lessons with miscellaneous test-taking tips and practice problems to supplement your course syllabus and augment your GMAT online test prep;
  • Unlimited access to your instructor after each GMAT online test for additional coaching and support.
  • Backed by our industry-leading score improvement guarantee!

* Note: If you already have one (or both) of the textbooks, contact us for an additional discount.


Exclusive discounted GMAT course for prospective students of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management


Exclusive Discount and Reimbursement Policy:

  1. Cost: $299 — This special pricing represents a 25% discount off the normal cost of this course (and over 50% less than other online GMAT prep courses in the industry) exclusively for prospective students of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. In addition to the discounted rate provided by Dominate the GMAT, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management is providing an award of $299 to candidates who successfully complete this course and enroll in the UC Davis MBA program in fall 2016.*
  2. Immediate access to all video and online content upon receipt of payment
  3. Video lessons are streaming and accessible anywhere you have Internet access — view on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and other tablets and smartphones
  4. Textbooks are shipped immediately upon receipt of payment and arrive in 2 business days (8-18 if outside the U.S.). Note: If you would prefer an electronic (Kindle) version of your textbooks for immediate access, contact us.

* Candidates must be admitted to the UC Davis MBA program and enroll. Awards will be applied toward winter 2017 quarter fees.

For more information regarding our GMAT online preparation course or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or call Brett directly at +1 828-279-1978.