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Well, it was bound to happen.

When the GMAT first went online in response to the COVID pandemic, the GMAC was endeavoring to provide an option for MBA candidates who were scrambling to take the exam and submit scores in time for application deadlines. To make the online version of the exam as accessible as possible, several policies were relaxed specifically for the new online version of the test, including:

  • The registration fee for the GMAT Online was US$50 less than that of the “normal” GMAT
  • Rescheduling fees were waived
  • Cancellation fees were waived

No more.

Effective September 23, 2020, the price of new GMAT™ Online exam appointments will be adjusted to US$250.

Additionally, the GMAT™ Online exam reschedule and cancellation fees that were temporarily waived due to COVID-19 will be reinstated; the appointment reschedule fee will be US$25 and the appointment cancellation fee will be US$100. Learn more about applicable fees.

According to the GMAC:

“This price adjustment more closely aligns the test center and online exams and reflects our commitment to deliver flexibility and continuous enhancements including:

  • Unlimited and free score reporting
  • Exam accommodations
  • Choice of physical and/or online whiteboard
  • Post-exam score review and control before sending to programs
  • Additional retesting options (starting September 23)

The GMAT™ Online exam is accepted by over 7,000 programs globally and scores are valid for five years—just as the GMAT™ exam taken at test centers. And as COVID-19 continues, we are committed to continuing our support and offering you the choice and flexibility of both the online and test center options.”