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GMAT Probability / GMAT Geometry Combo Question

When you’re building a foundation of knowledge for the math content tested on the GMAT Quantitative section, you want to start by mastering the fundamentals and build from there. For example, it’s important to learn the three key GMAT probability rules and how they’re tested; you need to make sure you know the ins and outs of GMAT triangles, specifically the four most common right triangles you’ll encounter on the GMAT; and of course you’ll also want to learn some basics when it comes to GMAT circles as well (area of a circle, circumference, arcs, sectors, etc.).

As your skills improve, you’ll need to prepare yourself to answer more advanced GMAT problem solving questions that combine several of these concepts into the same question. Toward that end, here’s a fun sample GMAT question for you to try. See how you do!

Q: A triangle with three equal sides is inscribed inside a circle. A point is selected at random inside the circle. What is the probability that the point selected is inside the triangle?

(A) 3 / 4π
(B) 3√2 / 5π
(C) 3√3 / 4π
(D) 5√3 / 4π
(E) 3√3 / 2π

What answer did you get?

If you’re stumped or want to learn some shortcuts on a problem like this, check out my answer explanation in the video below: